Denture Relines


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New dentures fit perfectly inside your oral cavity since they have been specially designed for your gums. Your gum tissues will alter over time, causing the denture to loosen and slide around inside your mouth. The denture will remain stable and functioning if it is correctly relined every one to two years.

Hard Reline

It is essential for every full denture to undergo a hard reline every two years. Here at SK Dental, we remove the plastic layer from the inside of the denture before filling it with a putty-like material that adapts to the contours of your mouth to create an exact impression. The denture is shipped to a lab to be fitted to the new shape of your gum tissues. As a result, your denture and your mouth are in maximum contact.

Soft Reline

Some patients cannot wear normal dentures due to sore gums or spots. Our dentists at SK Dental might suggest you reline your denture with a dental-grade material that remains pliable for at least 1 or 2 years before requiring any sort of replacement. . Compared to traditional hard reline acrylic, this material is far less prone to cause any sort of discomfort or soreness to patients. Patients with these issues might want to think about implant-retained dentures as a more long-term solution.

Temporary Relines

You could suffer from swollen, red, or deformed gum tissues if your dentures have not been cleaned in a long time. This creates issues while taking impressions for a hard or soft reline. This could create further problems and lead to a denture that could cause damage.

To let the irritation subside, a temporary or palliative (medicated) reline substance can be suggested. This type of relining tightens the fit of the denture and is usually soft and malleable. The gums return to their original state within a few weeks. After that, the patient is ready to receive his new denture or a hard reline.


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