Denture Exams & Maintenance


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Dentures are quite an investment that needs special care and attention to work their best. The way your dentures fit will have a significant impact on your oral tissues and dental health. Your denture will be examined annually by Dr. Satbir Khara, DMD, to ensure that it is in good working order.

Medical & Dental History

Maintaining your dental hygiene and well-being requires keeping up with any important changes in your medical and dental history. A denture’s fit can be affected by a range of medical and dental issues.

Oral exam

Yearly checkups can help to detect malignant and pre-cancerous lesions in time. Early diagnosis is important to ensure an effective treatment in case of these conditions.

Tissue & Bone

Dentures that do not fit properly could lead to considerable bone and tissue alterations, that need to be addressed to ensure good dental health

Comfort, Fit & Integrity Of Your Dentures

An ill-fitting denture can create bite issues, speech problems, and tissue irritations, all of which should be addressed. Leaving this issue unaddressed can lead to more difficult problems in the future. Dr. Satbir Khara, DMD, can examine your dentures for fractures, cracks, and broken or wobbly teeth, and also recommend treatment plans for the same.

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