Immediate Dentures


Phoenix, AZ

An immediate denture is the best choice if complete extractions are required for the rest of your teeth. The embarrassment of living without teeth can be avoided with an immediate denture. Before your teeth are removed, we shall begin the preparation process.

The initial step is to take impressions of your present teeth and gums so that precise replicas can be made for proper placement after tooth removal. Your immediate dentures will be fitted during your extraction session, giving you a natural-looking smile that will make you proud.


Before the extraction procedure, we usually have no way of verifying the fit of the denture inside your oral cavity. In some circumstances, aesthetic compromises may be required to compensate for a lack of space or structural issues.

After The Extraction Procedure

You must follow all our after-care recommendations carefully. After the extraction, you might experience gum and bone recession. This is why it is important to visit our dental office for regular checkups to ensure proper healing and prevent complications. It is important to opt for temporary linings or tissue conditioners to enjoy the best fit. These might require frequent replacements or alterations throughout the healing process. After the healing process is complete, a permanent reline will be necessary to provide a comfortable and precise fit.


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