Partial Dentures


Phoenix, AZ

A partial denture that can be removed is custom-made according to the patient’s needs and preferences and can replace their missing teeth. This helps to restore your natural appearance and diction and also provides you a better ability to chew your food properly.

Types Of Partial Dentures & Their Materials

Partial dentures are usually made of metal and acrylic or entirely with acrylic. The partial denture is designed to meet the special demands and the anatomy of the patient is kept in mind. Our dentists make every effort to create a self-cleaning partial denture that retains the remaining teeth and preserves the oral tissues. Dr. Satbir Khara, DMD, will construct your partial denture so that biting forces are distributed equally throughout the remaining teeth and soft tissues. Our dentists could suggest some additional changes to maintain an equal force. Metal partials are usually selected since they are structurally superior. They’re more hygienic and thinner than acrylic partials. Acrylic partials are frequently utilized as a temporary or transitional option. Dr. Satbir Khara, DMD, will discuss with you to evaluate which partial is best for your dental care needs.


A removable partial denture might help keep your natural teeth from shifting. They also make it easier to grind and chew food, thereby improving your digestion.

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