Denture Rebase & Repairs


Phoenix, AZ

Rebasing could be recommended by our dentists at SK Dental if the teeth are in a healthy condition when compared to the base material of your denture. Rebasing is the process of replacing the old acrylic denture foundation without replacing the teeth to offer better stability. If your dentures are old or cracked, you’ll need to get them rebased. A rebase is similar to a relining. The main difference is that the lining isn’t replaced during the rebase. It simply replaces the base material of your denture.

Listed Below Are The Reasons For The Rebase:

Denture Repairs

Several circumstances might lead to a damaged denture, which must be addressed right away. Your broken denture can be fixed and you can enjoy restored functioning with a simple repair. Same-day denture repairs are usually available at SK Dental. We’ll examine your denture and advise on how to keep it from breaking any further.


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