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We are a mercury-free dental practice at SK Dental. Nonetheless, many people have had silver/mercury fillings in their teeth in the past. These filings aren’t particularly pleasing to the eye, and we all know that mercury/silver fillings gradually weaken tooth structure due to their particular design. Fillings composed of tooth-colored restorations (onlays) and porcelain inlays are not only beautiful (or invisible) but also provide additional support to the damaged teeth. These restorations are both pleasing to the eye and quite durable. All thanks to the most up-to-date bonding techniques.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Silver Fillings?

Silver fillings, on the other hand, have several drawbacks. The edges of these silver fillings can easily wear away, become weak, or even break. As a result, the tooth is directly exposed, allowing cavities to resurface. As you get older, the metal in your silver filling stretches and can break.

Mercury is used in 50% of silver fillings. They can cause discoloration on your teeth and gums by eroding and leaking.

Silver fillings can be properly replaced using Tooth-Colored Restorations.

What Are The Advantages Of Tooth-Colored Restorations

Tooth-colored restorations have several advantages. Resin onlays are bonded to the teeth, creating a precise and secure fit on your natural tooth. In circumstances where a large portion of the tooth structure has been lost, these restorations might be recommended by our dentists at SK Dental. The tooth remains healthy and strong.

Fluoride is present in the resin used in tooth-colored restorations, which can help prevent decay. The resin wears just like natural teeth and does not require gum line implantation, which is great for your gums!

The outcome is a beautiful smile!

The Process Of Replacing Silver Fillings With Tooth-Colored Restorations

Silver fillings can be substituted with tooth-colored restorations (onlays). There are only two appointments required for this surgery.


In the Lab: A resin is carefully placed into a replica of your teeth. Then it’s designed to look natural.


This helps restore the original look and feel of your teeth. The teeth are also protected and they appear stronger.


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